Behold A Rainbow

BEHOLD A RAINBOW by Susan Brace Lovell

talk3A Note to Readers from the Author

Dear Reader,

This sequel to The Sandpiper by Susan Brace Lovell begins five years after that novel’s dramatic ending in a hospital ER.  In a whole new story, readers will find out what happens next to the Cameron women.  Jamie’s fight for sobriety. Kate’s struggle to be a mom. And now the mother and daughters must also deal with breast cancer. An unexpected love story. The search for a father. And, finally, a brutal murder taken from a literary classic.

*   *   *

Excerpt from the Book

Jamie’s heart thudded as she realized two things.  Alfred Mueller could be dangerous. And she could do nothing about it. The only evidence she had that he was a threat to society was her intuition and an intelligent 18-year-old’s untrained diagnosis.

In a shiver of premonition Jamie knew Alfred was going to hurt someone and she couldn’t keep him from doing it.  She looked over at Maddie’s shrunken posture that minutes before had been flexed with strength.  With hope, even.

*   *   *

Reviewer Notes

“If you’ve read and liked Patricia Gaffney or Nancy Thayer novels, this one is right up your alley. Strong female characters making up a tight knit family, overcoming adversity.”

–Deborah R.

“I loved how I got totally immersed into the lives of these awesome women and the author wrote with such a depth of feeling…. This is not a chic lit novel…This could be your family or mine. I highly recommend this entertaining bittersweet read.”

–Kathleen Kelly “Celticlady”