The Sandpiper A Novel


Nestled in the safe haven of The Sandpiper, a white-shingled cottage perched above the endless blue of Lake Michigan, Nina Judd has always been the guardian angel of the three Cameron women. Ellie Cameron, widowed mother. Kate, her perfect older daughter. Jamie, the screw-up. Kate and Jamie are sisters bound in loyalty by a secret oath—two bright young women full  of life and promise until the fateful summer Jamie turns eighteen, a summer that ruined everything. But in the end, maybe Kate isn’t so perfect after all, and Jamie not so hopeless. Embraced by The sandpiper, and Nina’s love, two sisters finally share their secret and struggle toward forgiveness and healing.

“A deep and engrossing novel about family, loss, and addiction.  Readers will truly care about these characters, and the issues they deal with are sure to spark conversations in book clubs everywhere.”   —

“Addiction and fighting sobriety, infertility and the desperate hope for a child, and the loss in the time of war are topics Susan Brace Lovell covers with carefulness, but honesty that many authors fail to accomplish.  This is a book that anyone looking for an engaging and perfectly written novel will love and be unable to put down.” – A Novel Review

“Emotionally charged and full of intense drama that is truly realistic, the book takes the reader on a journey through darkness and the many shades of grey that follow the deep issues addressed in the book.” – Library at the End of the Universe

“This is a beautiful and enriching story of love, friendship, loss, forgiveness and redemption… This novel certainly feels more like a family friend, one that I will revisit time and time again.” – Bookworm Babblings

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